Hello Thought of sharing a small real incident which has taken place recently

Due to COVID, there are lots of issues going around and everyone is in need f some money, food or shelter or hospital assistance, and many others help/assistance. However, by God’s grace, I, My family and my friends, and their family and all near and dears are in the safe zone and everyone is doing great.

I am having a portal that was created as a case study/example for an assignment with my digital marketing course. It was serving around 500-1000 people on weekly basis with some Good eBooks for reading and a few good Video( Both technical and general ) for last one year and all for FREE of cost. One week end i got an idea o do a small test and with my reader and sent out below message.

To my great surprise i got 2 contribution totaling up to less than 150

Then I sent a reminder after 3 days.

To my utter surprise 3 more people turned up.

This is the total that I have received with 1000+ so-called community and Average salary of the entire community is more than 50000 and INR 9 is not even for one cup of tea or half a cigarette’. However, I could see so many orders and downloads after that email. That means people are getting your message and need your help to them. but when it comes to your turn this is the reality.

I am not here to blame anyone and not expecting anyone. but only I want to make sure that whatever we think or believe is not the actual reality. We should keep checking the reality of our community, friends, colleagues, kids, spouse once in while. We don’t when we will be in this real situation. however many are under the impression that we will get help from our social circle, our close friends, and relatives. But this COVID lockdown is the real situation to explore one so-called near and dear once.

Hope you understood the actual message i was trying to communicate. Thanks for stopping bye and reaching till here.

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