The hardest thing for most people is to live in the present moment.

It has become difficult to stay focused on one task with so many

distractions around us. But this type of lifestyle also affects our efficiency at the workplace as our mind wanders and we struggle to finish our tasks on time.

However, while the internet has provided us with multiple distractions in form of social media it has also generated tools that can be helpful in organizing time and finishing tasks on time. Here is a list of some applications that will help you regain your laser focus and control your time instead of letting internet distractions control it.

  1. StayFocused

StayFocused is an extension that works on Chrome. There are many ad blockers or website blockers that can be added to Chrome. However, this one is designed to help you get work done instead of spending hours on Twitter or Facebook. You can also set break times which means you can set time where you will be allowed to enter websites but as soon as your break time is over you will not be allowed to enter them again.

The “Nuclear Option” is for those who absolutely cannot resist their distractions. This will not let you enter any of the websites that keep you from working and it cannot be deactivated until after the provided time period.

2. Freedom

This is an application for web, pc, iOS and Mac that can be installed to block out websites that distract you so you can pay attention to what needs to be done. Making to-do lists is fun but getting everything done on your to-do list is a challenge when you have a habit of spending hours scrolling through your favourite social media.

Freedom lets you manage schedules so you can block certain websites for a certain time period. For instance, if you spend hours scrolling through Facebook, you can add it on Freedom app to block it from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM while you finish your work. Freedom will not let you enter the land of distraction within the scheduled time.

It also has a “Locked Mode” which can be turned on to prevent you from breaking the given schedule and giving in to your craving for social media. When you have a habit of procrastination, it is impossible to avoid going back to that lifestyle but with the locked mode, you can easily avoid it

3. FocusWriter

This application is for those whose work requires a lot of writing. However, many writers struggle with focusing on their writing while working on their laptops. If you also struggle with staying focused on your work then this is a great website which pops-up a plain grey background to write on and everything else is blocked away including timer and date until your scheduled time is over.

FocusWriter also includes features like word count and spell-check which are crucial to writing jobs and assignments. It also has certain other features like setting a writing goal which will bring gratification once you have achieved your goal. Besides that the typewriting sounds with each key make it interesting to work with FocusWriter.

4. Concentrate

This application is designed to manage different types of tasks.

Sometimes people can start their day really motivated to get everything done but after one task they tend to get distracted before they can start the next task. Concentrate will block out the email client and browser to keep you away from Buzzfeed, YouTube, Twitter etc. while you are writing. Launch applications feature allows you to access only the applications that are needed for tasks in hand.

The “Speak a Message” feature allows you to record a message that will play on set time and motivate you to concentrate on your work. This Mac application is designed to help you stick to your schedule for the day until you have finished everything.

5. Be Focused

Be Focused application uses Pomodro technique because it has been proven that people tend to focus on their tasks better if they take breaks in between. Many people struggle to take a break from fear of losing attention but they end up losing focus with time. Be Focused will give you short breaks after 25 minutes of working and longer intervals before you switch from one task to another.

You can create a list of tasks and track your progress as you move along. This iOS application is perfect if you don’t want to lose enthusiasm as you progress. You will get time to rejuvenate your headspace and be ready to take up the next task efficiently.

6. Forest

If you feel like your phone is chained to your hands and keeps you from working then the Forest app will help you leave it be while you finish your work. This is an interesting application that allows you to grow a forest. Whenever you activate it, you plant a tree and the tree will die if you interrupt or deactivate.

Forest application has partnered with Trees for the Future and every tree you make is actually being planted in the world. This means that each tree you plant will earn you virtual coins which will be spent on lantation of trees.

7. Hold

Hold is an application that is specially designed for students and keeps an eye on their activity. If you struggle with studying or finish your apers because you cannot resist Instagram feed and Facebook comments, then this application is for you. For every 20 minutes that you spend away from your phone, you earn a point.

When you have earned fifteen points you get a reward in shape of raffle tickets or coffee from 7-eleven. Many students who have used this  application  testified  that  their  grades  improved  by using the Hold app

8. Noisli

Some people tend to focus better on their application when they are surrounded by an ideal ambience. Noisli provides ambient noises  like  seaside,  bonfire  crackles,  fan  etc.  so  you  can customize a ombination of your favorite sounds so you can have the perfect atmosphere to work in.

Noisli is therefore an application for those who want to work in a particular environment which will help them stay focused on the task. Noisli also has another feature inspired by Pomodro techniques   which   helps   you   divide   your tasks   and Chromotherapy  inspired  feature  lets  you  choose  a  certain background color while you work.

9. Balanced

Balanced is an application that helps you build your focus by creating a balance in your life. It is important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle that consists of reading, meditation, workout, walking etc. Balanced tracks your time spent on doing things that you wish you did more.

Some people struggle with reading books while other cannot stay focused on yoga. Balanced will keep you motivated to include these tasks in your daily life and stay focused on them.

10. Hocus Focus

Hocus Focus is another application made to improve your productivity by making your browser tab clutter-free. It is no secret that we tend to focus better when we have a cleaner environment. The same is true about working on your PC.

Hocus Pocus will close any website that you are not actively using. For instance, if you have distracting applications like Twitter, Buzzfeed, Facebook, etc. open in the background then they will shut off while you start working. Research shows that it takes 23 minutes for an average human brain to refocus and a distracting application can make it even harder.

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