Hello All, I am Manjunath Acharya, a software Engineer, and part-time Web Developer, and a budding Digital Marketer. Today, I am writing this as a part of my coursework from my Internship Program with Deepak Kanakaraju

All the interns, need to submit the assignment about our key takeaways from our first session that happened on 10th March 2020. 

Before jumping into actual take away from the class, I will just touch upon little background about this program like what, why and how  

What is this program about?

It’s a unique program for 1-2 month program where Digital Deepak( founder of PixelTrack) from DigitalDeepak and Sanjay Shenoy (co-founder of PixelTrack) coach and mentor us and we do assignments for their digital marketing company called PixelTrack.

Internship will happen in batches with limited students per batch so that managing the mentoring would be effective manner.

the best part of this is we will earn for every assignment that we complete!

More than 500 students have already joined his internship program and they are learning + earning at the same time. Exciting right!

This is the only digital marketing training program where you will get back more than what you invest in the program (provided you are sincere with your assignments).

Click Here to Learn about the Internship Program

How this program works?

1. You need to submit the application and they will review your application, and you will get an email if your application has been approved.

2. We will be notified of a webinar that explains the details of the program.

3. Once you enroll for the program, they will start mentoring you. We can do this from your home with just 2 hours per day.

4. The program has 5-12 weeks – 5-12 assignments. We will get to work on live projects.

5. There will be a weekly video conferencing call for each batch where they will review our assignments.

6. You will graduate from the program once we complete the assignments.

7. After you complete the program and all the assignments, you will get a chance to be placed in a corporate job as an intern/employee.

Why This Program?

Deepak’s( from DigitalDeepak ) mission as a digital marketing trainer is to create 1 Million Digital Marketing Experts in India and the world.

So far he has trained tens of thousands of students who have joined his online courses. However, many people do not take any action – and without doing, they don’t learn!

He wants to create a transformation where he strongly believes that the company will hire for what you can do, not what you know. And to show them you can do things, you have to do things and have projects to show. In this day and age, your project is your resume. Hope you all agree with me.

he wants to make you into a digital marketing expert by doing, and use the projects you have done to get jobs.

That’s why he has decided to launch a Digital Marketing Internship Program where you can learn by doing and also earn from the program.

You will work on live projects and learn digital marketing through implementation.

This is a 5-12-week program, and within this time, you will become an expert in digital marketing.

You will learn website management, Blogging, Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Paid Ads and more.

When it is started and what is the duration ?

The first batch was started on Oct 2019 and of 12 weeks duration and

The second batch started on 25th February 2020 and is of 5-12 weeks long.

Below are the key take away from 1st class

1.  Set your GOAL first: You need to decide on the overall course GOAL.  What do you want to achieve by completing this course? I.e. Blogger, influencer, agency owner, affiliate marketer and so on. You may decide to change later, but try to have a clear goal on your mind so that you can work towards reaching that goal. For example, A ship with a definite target will have the probability of reaching that destination 99.99% of the time whereas the same ship without a defined destination will not even come close to it. So defines goals is very essential to achieve any task.

2.  Improve your Communication: Whatever you do in your life, communication plays an important role, be it a sales or marketing or any other. You may be very good in your topic. However, if you fail to communicate then your entire knowledge is of no use. So we need to be a marketer first, then we can specialize in the digital area. Hence the digital marketer.

3.  Select your niche:Select your niche and go as narrow as possible. People will remember only the first and forget the second.

For example:  who is the first PM of India – Everyone knows right? – Jawaharlal Nehru

Who is the second PM of India- Only a few of us know right. – Lal Bahadur Shastri

Who is the third PM of India – very few of us know – Indira Gandhi


Who is the Women PM of India – Indira Gandhi . Everyone knows right? People always remember you as of first or unique. So select your niche and stick to that for a long time and be master in that area.

i.e. Social Media Expert, SEO expert etc..

4. Ever-expanding requirement: Man is continuously improving the lifestyle and trying to get a more advanced version of the things.

For example, he invented a CAR from bullock or horse cart and other related businesses emerge like Car Wash, Seat cover, service station, etc..

The market needs always expand because the solution to needs gives rise to new needs and we need to find the solution for new needs so the market is continuously expanding for increased needs.

5.  En-cash India’s growing economy: The average age of Indian is around 30 now and its world’s number-1 expanding economy. Because all the people in this mid age is trying to improve their lifestyle so they will buy more and more objects and spend money on that. Hence increases the economy.

6. Improve English communication skills:

  • Read at least 30 min daily- start with simple books ( kids school book – 4-7th std) are a good start and move to a little complex
    • Listen to podcast at least 30 min daily- start with kids bedtime stories
    • Write at-least 500 words daily – start with writing daily stuff from the time you get up in the morning until you go to bed
    • Watch English Movie and sitcoms( office, seinfeld etc ) without subtitle
    • Avoid local language for official communication until you are fluent in English.

7. Future of Digital Marketing : Digital marketing will not die as many of the traditional marketing is shifted to Digital marketing. How Integrated Digital marketing works ?

Image Courtesy: DigitalDeepak.com

Content marketing is the heart of everything. One can build the tribe around this content. Like email list, social media etc

8. How do you fine the market demand :

          Google auto suggest

          Answer The Public




          Amazon Review

9. Build your personal brand :

  • Best known will always beat the best
    • Do not hesitate to put your content online
    • Show your personality in social media.
    • Publish content in different format. Blog, Audio, video.

10. How the funnel works

  • Move the free line
    • Build trust through the funnel
    • Make the funnel automated
    • Build the relationship on automation
    • Build a Brand ambassador

Final Word

Finally, Deepak and Sanjay are our mentors and our master. Follow their guidance and they will make us more skilled, not just more knowledgeable.

When I wanted to grow, I surrendered completely to my master. It worked for me. You have to follow your mentor and success will be waiting on the other side for you.

All the best for your wonderful journey int the digital world with Deepak and Sanjay.

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